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Hi, I am Nancy Giannaki, Athens Greece UI Designer with a love for front end development too.

I believe that good design combines different fields of knowledge and my academic studies are a good example of that. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from National University of Athens and an Associate Degree in “Computer Multimedia Applications” from the Public Institute of Vocational Training in Argiroupolis, Athens.

Because I loved Web Design I decided to fully commit myself to it and apply the principles I have learned from studying Psychology to design. I have also  attending an online course in User Interface Design provided by the University of Minnesota to further deepen my knowledge in UX and UI.

I have worked for over a decade as a designer and coder and have co-operated with many companies mostly as a freelancer. I design and code for desktop, tablet and mobile. I am also redesigning and convert older versions of websites to responsive ones.

My preferable tools for designing are Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and lately I have also started using Figma which is amazing. For wireframes I use Balsamiq Wireframes and when I decide to get my hands dirty with coding I prefer open source programs like Atom (my number one code editor), Sublime Text and Notepad++.

My goal with every client is to fully understand his/her exact needs and how they can be implemented in each project and reach the maximum number of visitors/clients/users. That is exactly what I aim to accomplish with you.


  • Associate's degree, User Interface Design | Online Course / University of Minnesota
  • Completed a one year online program in "Strategic Marketing" of National Kapodistrian University of Athens
  • Associate's degree, Computer Multimedia Applications | Public Institute of Vocational Training in Argiroupolis, Athens
  • Bachelor of Applied Science (B.A.Sc.), Psychology | National University of Athens

Employment History
(most important stops)

  • Web UI Designer, WordPress Developer and Digital Designer | Leader Online
    December 2016 - March 2020
  • Web UI Designer and WordPress Developer | Global CEO and Salt Online Magazine
    January 2014 - November 2015
  • Mobile and Web UX/UI Designer | Working remotely in various projects from Greece and around the world
    September 2013 - Present
  • Web and Graphic Designer | KaktosWeb
    August 2011 - August 2013
  • Web Designer | T.G.A
    December 2009 - December 2010
  • Web and Graphic Designer | Othisis
    November 2007 - December 2008
  • Web designer | Galaxy Entertainment Group
    October 2005 - August 2006

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